вторник, 13 март 2012 г.

Коя е?!

След поглеждането на тази статия: Преслава срещу Галена: Коя наистина е номер едно вече не мога да спя!
Наистина животът ми направо е безсмислен без да знам истината! Кажете ми накрая коя е по-добра.. В какво и къде - няма значение!

Ама и коментарите на публиката къртят.

сряда, 7 март 2012 г.


От днес в интернет се тиражира една невероятна глупост:

Приключенията на Кънчо

Кънчо се събуди,
готов да се труди.
Известен щурмовак съм аз.
Изпълнен съм с
енергия и страст.
Раздавам се и тук, и там...
Налага ми се често да се
предпазвам вещо.
Първи опит май
е неуспешен.
Боже, как
изглеждам смешен!?
Шапката стои погрешно,
явно бъркам нещо.
Втори опит ще
направя, правилно
да я поставя.
А шапката добре ме пази
и от СПИН, и от зарази.
Щом е в срок и годността -
пълна е сигурността!
Ето, нов презерватив вземи
и отново всичко повтори!
Резервоарчето с
пръсти прищипни
и внимателно
надолу разпъни!
Как лесно ми върви
и как добре ми той стои!
И накрая запомни:
с дрешка винаги бъди,
щом любов ще правиш ти!

След като го прочетох се зачудих дали се продават презервативи за 2-ри клас? Че като гледам таргет групата на това 'произведение' е някъде там.....
И в какво се състои 'труда' на Кънчо? В шибане? По цял ден? По 8 часа?
Баси и работата и трудът и това, на което учи децата.

вторник, 6 март 2012 г.

Broken Dreams

[Sin.Thetic Squad] - "Broken dreams"

И за пълнота едно интервю:

Can you give a brief introduction to the band?
This project started in 2003 under the name "Critical Stage", but in process their splitting up the name was changed into the current one. In the early part of 2007 we released the first CD "Mad Desires Of Diseased World", which included 11 tracks with Intro and Outro. Within a short period of time the CD was being played at many locations throughout Russia. Now the band is getting ready for to release a new CD...

Who are the members, what is their background and why do you use nicknames?
There are two band members by now:
Roman O. aka D_F – music, programming, keyboards
Roman K aka warchild – vocal, lyrics.
Nicknames? Hm interesting question. I think it`s because internet became a very big part of our life. Or another part, if you want and this other part required another face and another name. Why do people using avatars? I think this question has equivalent answers.

In 2007 you released your first album “Mad desires of diseased world”. What are the responses on the album so far?
In fact our release happened only on internet. (our 50 copies not in count). And by now we get only one response on our album. So.. why? Because great sites and labels never response if they don`t have the cd. And we don`t have so much money and time, to send our cd`s for all this sites and labels.

You are already working on a new album, what can you tell us about the new one. It’s also pretty fast, are you having an inspirational overload or do you always work this fast on new songs?

New one will much harder, much darker and much aggressive than our first album. Pretty fast? We don`t think so. Album is a very far from their ending. And we really have something to tell for our listeners. We work on new songs as fast as we can, but one song takes from one week to several months of work. So we don`t think that this really fast.

How would you define your music? Do you feel connected to the so called Hellectro scene?

Really we never think about that. We just do what we like and as we like. That’s all.
Hellectro? We don`t know. What do you think about this?

What are influences for you, in what way do they influence you?

Our life we think. Homicide, suicide, euthanasia, freedom and bondage, many factors.

Your lyrics seem to be really dark, what are they about?

Our lyrics are about things that you see every day but don’t want to see. Because you don`t want see it. Thousands of people dying everyday. What did you know about that? How many children are dying in the world from hunger in your breakfast time? How many people to commit suicide when you sleep? How many soldiers dying for coil, or for gas or for another bull shit? That’s what we talking about.

You are very socially aware than, do you want to confront people to take a look at what is happening outside their safe houses?
We are living in a small criminal city. Corrupt government, unemployment, police and criminal terror (what is much danger? Who knows?). People prefer to keep their eyes closed. Their hearts full of fear and listless. Nobody is friends for noone. You can see no smiling faces on the streets. Only seals of desperate on their faces. So to confront people to take a look around is our main aim. We must give them a hope.
Everyone has his destiny in his hands. Like Rome gladiator Spartak created rebellion and mae really people free from slavery. We hope to do the same.

When I listen to the album it offers a lot of quality yet you are still not signed, is coming from Siberia a reason for this you think?

We think this is main reason.

How is the Russian scene these days, to me it seems improving with talented new bands like you and Dualproform and a great label like Gravitator Records?

Dualproform and Gravitator not alone really. There are much more talented bands and great labels in Russia. But bad promotion and a large territory do their job.

What should be done so all these bands and labels are being heard in the rest of the world? Do websites like myspace play an important role in this?

Intensive promotion. Information securing. Websites like myspace and other play really important role in this situation.

Do you think there is a difference if you are coming from Russia or Western Europe (mean in recording facilities, possibilities for shows and so on)

We think it`s a very big difference. In Russia dark scene is in inchoate condition.

How can it be improved according you?

Only by hard and intensive work in every realm of knowledge. From music to promotion etc.

You already played several live shows, how did they go and what can people expect from a [Sin. Thetic Squad] show? 

People can expect a really mighty energy and good show.

What are your goals for the near future?

New album, new listeners, wgt 2009.

How can people get your album?

Unfortunately only from internet.

Any last words for the readers?

Never give up.